CWWIM4521E error occurs when using repository ID greater than 36 characters for VMM database

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When configuring a Virtual Member Manager (VMM) database (either as a database repository or a property extension) as part of the federated repositories in IBM WebSphere Portal 6.1 and beyond, always use repository IDs shorter than or equal to 36 characters.


You may encounter problems when you try to add a value to an attribute in the database repository or the property extension database. The following are error messages from a Portal server with DB2 as the backend database, EJPSG0015E: Data Backend Problem CWWIM4521E The 'DB2 SQL error: SQLCODE: -302, SQLSTATE: 22001, SQLERRMC: null' SQL Exception occurred during processing.


The VMM database schema has a limit of 36 characters on column "Repository ID". When using configuration task in Portal to configure a repository, it automatically creates "RepositoryID_"+<LDAP hostname>+":portnumber" as the repository ID. The Portal configuration task will update the wimconfig.xml with this value, for example:

<config:repositories xsi:type="config:LdapRepositoryType" adapterClassName=""

This id totals 44 characters and would induce the error message.

Diagnosing the problem

IBM Product Support collected DB2 JCC traces and found that the problem occurred due to use of a repository ID greater than 36 characters. Once the repository ID was shortened, the system worked correctly.

Resolving the problem

If you already configured federated repositories with a repository ID greater than 36 characters, you can change it in wimconfig.xml under directory <wp_profile>/config/cells/<cellname>/wim/config/.

In a clustered environment, be sure to make the change on the Deployment Manager and then synchronize the change to all nodes.

Technical notes:
- WebSphere Virtual Member Manager (VMM) APAR PM12345 deals with a similar case when the uniqueName of a user as reported by VMM exceeds 36 characters. The same error message was observed in that use case. The same error message may also be observed in other cases as well where the size of the data being queried from or attempting to be inserted into the VMM database exceeds the size of the database field.
- WebSphere Portal APAR PM47492 is available to correct Portal configuration tasks which set repository ID length. In particular, if a repository length is greater than 36 characters, the configuration tasks will now truncate the repository name to be exactly 36 characters in length. The truncated name 36 characters in length will be reflect in the wimconfig.xml file when the configuration task completes.

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