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Tivoli Storage Manager for Microsoft SharePoint version 6.1.0



This document provides overview information on TSM for Microsoft SharePoint version 6.1.0. It lists product enhancements, upgrade information, limitations, and known issues.


This release of TSM for SharePoint is an OEM of AvePoint's DocAve product which has been adapted to store data in TSM. Granular backup and restore support is provided for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 environments.

New Features:

  • Business Intelligence Matrix - Automatic classification of SharePoint content based on the business importance and modification frequency of the content. These two factors make up the row and column of a criticality matrix where each element in the matrix can have a custom backup plan mapped to it. This allows backup schedules, etc. of SharePoint content to be based on these dynamic parameters.
  • Restore Timeline - Restore content can be selected based on when backups were run. This eliminates the need to search through backup data to find which plan has the desired content to be restored.
  • Backup Templates - Commonly used backup parameters can be saved in templates which can then be used in multiple backup plans.
  • Coalescing Incremental Backups - Incremental backups can be merged with the most recent full backup to form a new virtual full backup.
  • Discovery Dashboard - Provides an overview of your system where you can see the status of TSM for SharePoint logs, view the upcoming plans, and see the percent of plans that have succeeded or failed in the past few days or months.
  • User Interface - The GUI has been significantly improved from earlier versions.

Before You Install TSM for SharePoint:
  • Installation instructions are provided in the User Guide available on the product CD image. The publications are provided in English and Simplified Chinese languages.
  • If installing the DocAve server package on a system where a TSM client earlier than level is already installed, all TSM clients and client services (such as the TSM scheduler service) must be stopped to allow the installation and configuration of the DocAve connection to TSM to complete successfully.
  • If a previous version of TSM for SharePoint has been installed it is possible to migrate information such as accounts, passwords, backup plans, backup data, etc. after TSM for SharePoint 6.1 has been installed.
  • TSM for SharePoint includes the following Installation Package Files:
    • Server & Upgrade Tool:
    • Client:

  • TSM for SharePoint 6.1.0 does not support SPS 2003 or WSS version 2.
  • Batch commands for performing certain operations from the command line are not supported in this release.

Known Issues:
  • DB2 is not currently supported for this release. The default option of using the internal Derby database must be used.
  • There is a problem with integrating with System Center Operations Manager (SCOM). Alerts cannot be forwarded to SCOM in this release.

Upgrading From A Previous Version:

Backup data and configuration information such as user accounts, passwords, and backup plans from previous versions of TSM for SharePoint can be made available to TSM for SharePoint 6.1. The steps for doing this are:
  • Upgrade to TSM for SharePoint 5.4.5 (DocAve 4.5.3) if not already at this level. Instructions for doing this can be found in the release notes on the TSM for SharePoint ftp support site. (See the link under 'Related information' below.)
  • Install TSM for SharePoint 6.1.
    • The manager server should be installed on the same server as on TSM for SharePoint 5.4.5.
    • Do not un-install TSM for SharePoint 5.4.5 until the upgrade process has successfully completed.
    • Do not begin to use TSM for SharePoint 6.1.0 until after completing the upgrade process. Any configuration information or backup data may be lost during the upgrade process.
  • Run the upgrade tool. Instructions for running this tool are provided with the product CD image. The Upgrade Tool will be presented at the end of the server install process.
    Note: If there are no other services to be configured on other servers (e.g. a remote media server), the upgrade tool can be run once the manager server has been installed. If you plan on configuring other TSM for SharePoint services on other servers then the upgrade tool can be run after those are installed. In this case the Upgrade Tool can be invoked from the command line by executing DocAveUpgrade.bat, which can be found on the manager server machine in ...\Tivoli\TSM\SharePoint\DocAve\Manager\ZeusUpgradeTool\bin.

Known Issues With Upgrading:
  • All remote Media Servers need to be manually stopped and restarted after upgrading.
  • Customers may experience an intermittent stop service hang while using the upgrade tool. The work-around is to open the Task Manager, kill the java.exe processes started by the Upgrade Tool, then restart the Upgrade Tool.

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