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How do I manually remove itemtypes from DB2 Content Manager on z/OS.

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I am trying to do XML export of itemtype data and have one or more itemtypes that were never fully created and can not be deleted using the DB2 Content Manager Sysadmin Client. How do I remove the bad itemtype causing my failure?


During create of itemtype, one or more of the jobs run on z/OS had a failure or was missing needed information and failed. However, some part of the itemtype was created in the library server and that is now causing the failures you are seeing.



  • Be sure to backup all the affected tables so you can restore your system data if needed.
  • We do not normally recommend manually deleting itemtypes and their ids from the CM system, but it can be done. Be very careful.
  • What I am provided has more items or sql statements than you might need. These instructions assumed items might have been stored to the itemtype in question. You can check those tables and if no items exist for the itemtypeid, those deletes are not needed.

  • The example is for a case with and itemtypeid over 100000, That may not be problem.
  • You will need to modify the statements to use the actual itemtypeid you need to clean up.
  • The wording of the example is for instance where the itemtypeid was over 100000 but should still apply.
  • This SQL example was generated to manually delete itemtype information from the library server for those item types having an ID > 100,000, but it works for other conditions.
  • I would expect this to be used only when the DB2 Content Manager System Administration client can not clean up the itemtype and it should be used with extreme caution.
  • You will need to replace the ?LSSCHEMA? token with your library server schema name.
  • The SQL commands should be run in the order shown and should be run when the CM system is not being used.
  • Also, it's very important that your library server be backed up prior to running the SQL.

These SQL command should remove all traces of the bad item types. It has been tested on an in-house system after forcing an item type ID > 100,000. There was a successful test of this manual workaround, with limited testing. Due to the limited testing, a LS backup is highly recommended, so that the system can be restored back to working state if the workaround does not fix the problem


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