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Purpose and use of JPA_WEB_DEV web-jpa-dev.jar

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What is the purpose of the web-jpa-dev.jar added as classpath variable JPA_WEB_DEV when invoking the JPA Manager Bean wizard on a JPA project in IBM Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software v7.5?


The JPA Manager Bean wizard is a Rational Application Developer (RAD) v7.5 addition to the JPA tools based on the Eclipse Dali Plugin. When you create a JPA Manager Bean for a Java JPA project, it adds to the Build Path of the Java JPA project a library Classpath Variable.

For example, in a Java Build Path (.classpath file) you will see:

<classpathentry kind="var" path="JPA_WEB_DEV">


JPA_WEB_DEV = {RAD_Install_Dir}/SDP70Shared/plugins/

Note: The shared plug-in version can vary with the RAD v7.5.x/v8.x update version in use. Search on "" in the
{RAD Install dir}\configuration\org.eclipse.update\platform.xml file, to see the version in use by your RAD version.

Specifics about this jar:

  • web-jpa-dev.jar is development/build time jar used only by RAD, so its not needed on a Java EE server, such as WebSphere Application Server v7.0/v8.x. It is just referenced in the build path for development time purposes.
  • The JAR stores development time annotations that are not needed or used at runtime, meaning that jar is not deployed to the server.

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