ANR8355E RC 234 while reading label of LTO Tape in ADIC library

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Tivoli Storage Manager may report error ANR8355E while reading a volume label in an ADIC tape library using an IBM LTO Tape drive.


Error ANR8355E is an I/O error and enabling trace ( PVR MMS NA ADDMSG) from Tivoli Storage Manager server shows the information:

pvrntp.c][7085]: Reading label blocks from NTP drive <Drive_Name>
pstapiop.c][210]: PvrPsTape REWIND/TESTREADY
pspvr.c][2771]: ReadFile failed with error code 234 read 80
[pstapiop.c][630]: PvrPsErr entry, op=R, flag1=0, flag2=0, ErrorCode=234
[pstapiop.c][634]: PvrPsErr entered, bytes=80, written=0
[pstapiop.c][735]: PvrPsErr NT rc = 234, server rc = 1

The trace shows error ANR8355E after the above messages.

ANR8355E I/O error reading label for volume <vol_name> in drive <drive_name>


This is a problem with the device driver when reading label blocks from the tape volume. The return code 234 is reported while reading 80 bytes of the label block. For tapes with volume labels of 6 or greater characters, Tivoli Storage Manager writes blocks. Each block size is 80 bytes in length. This result code 234 translates to 'ERROR_MORE_DATA - More data is available.' so this indicates a block size limitation while reading blocks.

Resolving the problem

The recommendation is to involve support for the library hardware in order to determine why the tape label is not being read correctly from the IBM LTO drive.The hardware vendor should be engaged to determine if the HBA being used is suitable. An upgrade of the HBA driver or firmware may be necessary to gain support for a larger blocksize. For additional information, contact the vendor for the HBA.  

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