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Desktop policy settings not taking effect in iNotes 8.5

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You create a new desktop settings document and assign its respective policy to iNotes users. The desktop settings that are designed to be applied are taking effect in the Notes client but not in iNotes.

Resolving the problem

1. Ensure that the settings that you expect to take effect in iNotes are in fact designed to be applied to iNotes. Below is a list of Desktop Policy settings and Mail policy settings which are designed to be applied to iNotes:

The supported Desktop Policy settings include the following:

  • Enable right double-click to close window
  • Mark documents read when opened in preview pane
  • Sign mail that you send
  • Encrypt mail that you send
  • Save sent mail
  • Default mail message format
  • Prefix each line with
  • Wrap lines at
  • Prompt when new mail arrives
  • Check for new mail every n minutes
  • Show Mail Quota indicator on client

The supported Mail Policy settings include the following:

New as of 8.5.1:
  • Refresh inbox automatically
  • Enable unread count
  • Auto-update unread count
  • Enable scroll hints
  • Disable warning on opening attachments
  • Filter out images from emails
  • Proxy server name/URL pairs for Quickr usability
  • Show sidebar on startup
  • Show preferences
  • Server or local archiving
  • Mail disclaimer
  • Security policy for configuring proxies (Previously, you set proxies in in Domino\data\properties. This is no longer supported. You must use a security policy setting document ID Vault)
As of 8.5.0:
  • User UI mode
  • Functional areas to enable
  • When opening Lotus iNotes, open Home Page to
  • Maximum attachment size (KB)
  • Mail threads
  • Do not show remote images without permission
  • Browser cache management
  • Automatically install browser cache management
  • Automatically logout when browser window is closed
  • Default cache scrubbing level
  • Clear history when browser window is closed
  • Disallow attachments if not installed
  • Maintain static code archive between browser sessions
  • Instant messaging features
  • Set default spell check dictionary
  • Lotus iNotes ActiveX file attachment utility
  • Set feeds
  • Set feeds secured
  • Feeds protocol name
  • Show the Widgets folder in the Mail outline
  • Allow users to create widgets from XML
  • Allow Lotus Quickr Integration
  • Allow calendar subscriptions
  • Allow user to go offline
  • Synchronize offline Internet password
  • Include server's Domino Directory
  • Compact mail file after synchronization
  • Update full text index after synchronization
  • Encrypt offline mail databases
  • Limit document attachments during synchronization
  • Only synchronize documents modified in the last days

2. The following three requirements must be met:

  • You need at least one mail policy settings document for the desktop policy settings to work. Adminp runs for a particular user only if that user has a Mail Settings document specified in the relevant policy, and that Mail Settings document has to have at least one option selected. Because Lotus iNotes is primarily a mail application, we expect that all policies applied satisfy this condition.
  • Users need to log out and log back in for policies to take effect. Another detail is that Lotus iNotes detects new policy settings only when a user first logs in and starts the Lotus iNotes session or when there is a specific need to reload session information such as when preferences are saved.
  • Wait for the Adminp cycle or issue a tell process command. Another detail that was mentioned earlier is that the application of the policy after its assignment doesn’t happen right away. Instead, it happens when Adminp processes the policy change request. Use the following two commands if you would like to force the policy change request to be processed right away:

tell adminp process new
tell adminp process mail policy

For more information regarding iNotes 8.5.0, visit the link below:

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