Search results don't display properly with ITIM 5.0 on WAS

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There is a known problem with WebSphere maintenance level (Cum Fix 19) that adversely affects ITIM 5.0 and the issue appears to be caused by WebSphere APAR #PK63328 - RESPONSE IS CHUNKED EVEN THOUGH RESPONSE SIZE IS LESS THAN RESPONSE BUFFER SIZE


WebSphere Application Server maintenance level contains a defect which causes ITIM search results to display incompletely or not display at all. The search AJAX response is truncated and this prevents pages from displaying correctly.

It is also important to note that this defect does not appear to affect all browsers equally. For example, an older version of Firefox 1.5 seemed entirely unaffected. This has yet to be fully explained but it is believed to be an effect of that browser level handling "end of content" differently than newer browsers. This problem also appears to occur more often when a search only returns a one row search result.

Examples of this defect's symptoms in ITIM are shown below, the results returned from a Role search:



So, the recommendation is to simply avoid the intersection of ITIM 5.0 and WAS (Fixpack 19) until this problem can be fixed with another WAS fix release.

*** UPDATE *** - the fix for this issue is reported to be included in WAS CF21 according to APAR PK72336.

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