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Information on changes to the WebSphere MQ JMSReplyTo header field

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This document outlines some recent changes that have occurred with respect to the WebSphere MQ JMSReplyTo header field.


WebSphere MQ Version and changed the way the JMSReplyTo field on received messages was constructed, to make the behavior of JMS applications consistent with other WebSphere MQ clients.
As a result of customer feedback, the default behavior of WebSphere MQ Version (and later) has reverted back to the pre- behavior, where the contents of the JMSReplyTo header field is based on the value in the message's RFH2 header, which is equivalent to the value set by the sending application. If you want to have the JMSReplyTo header populated based on the contents of the message's MQMD ReplyToQueue and ReplyToQueueManager header fields, then you have two options:

  • Set the new Queue Destination property REPLYTOSTYLE to MQMD using JMSAdmin.
  • Pass in the following Java Virtual Machine system argument to the application:

Full details can be found in APAR IZ36978.

For the WebSphere MQ Version and JMS client, the default behavior is to construct the JMSReplyTo from the ReplyToQueue and ReplyToQueueManager fields from the message's MQMD, which is different behavior to that of Version 6. WebSphere MQ Version (and later) maintains this default behavior, but allows it to be reverted to the Version 6 style by setting either the REPLYTOSTYLE property or the system argument to RFH2.

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