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Now available: Rational License Key Center training videos



These informational videos will introduce you to the Rational License Key Center and will show you a demonstration of how to generate license keys and then move them to a new host machine. Additionally, training module 2 steps you through how IBM structures your company's order data within the IBM systems.


Here are the links to each of the instructional videos:

Each video name and its viewing duration is as follows, respectively:

Module 1 - What is the Rational License Key Center? (2 minutes, 35 seconds)

Module 2 - Your Company's Data Structure in IBM (4 minutes, 22 seconds)

Module 3 - Logging into the License Key Center (8 minutes)

Module 4 - Navigating the License Key Center (10 minutes, 29 seconds)

Module 5 - Moving Your License Keys (5 minutes, 25 seconds)

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