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Getting a CICS transaction dump

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You would like to force CICS to take a CICS transaction dump. What is the best way to get a transaction dump?


Currently there is no CEMT command in CICS Transaction Server for z/OS to cause a CICS transaction dump to be created. However, you can add the EXEC CICS DUMP TRANSACTION( ) or EXEC CICS ABEND ABCODE( ) command to your application program to cause a transaction dump to be taken. This allows you to take the dump at a specific point in the application.

To take a system dump of your CICS region and continue processing, you can use either the CEMT PERFORM DUMP or CEMT PERFORM SNAP command while your application program is running. Both commands produce a "snapshot" of the CICS system. However, if you plan on opening a problem with CICS Support then you should look at the Collect troubleshooting data (MustGather) for CICS products to determine if a dump is needed and how to get the dump. Depending on the problem, CICS Support might not be able to use a dump taken with CEMT because CEMT becomes the running task and the trace contains the processing done by CICS when taking the dump.

If you do not get a system dump, check the value CICS returns in the DUMPING parameter when you enter a CEMT INQ SYS command. If NOSYSDUMP displays then either the system initialization table (SIT) parameter DUMP is set to NO or CEMT has been used to dynamically change SYSDUMP to NOSYSDUMP. You can either dynamically change the DUMPING parameter to SYSDUMP or change the DUMP parameter to YES in your SIT so dumps will no longer be suppressed.

Keep in mind that you can also suppress system dumps using a system dump table entry as described in the CICS information center topic: The system dump table. For example, you can create a dump table entry for MT0001 requesting that CICS suppress all dumps with this dump code.

Note: There is a Design Change Request, MR082707526, asking IBM developers to consider enhancing any future releases of CICS to include a CEMT command that would cause CICS to take a transaction dump.

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