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DAS Timeout messages filling up db2dasdiag.log

Technote (troubleshooting)


After a fixpak upgrade, following messages keep filling up the db2dasdiag.log:

2009-04-07- I1C253 LEVEL: Error
PID : 28349 TID : 1
FUNCTION: DB2 Tools, DB2 administration server, readRrmSqlca, probe:20
CALLED : DB2 Common, OSSe, OSSHIPCQueue::get
RETCODE : ECF=0x90000013 Time out

2009-04-07- I255C201 LEVEL: Error
PID : 27417 TID : 1
FUNCTION: DB2 Common, Generic Control Facility, gcf_start, probe:10
DATA #1 : Sint32, 4 bytes

2009-04-07- I457C208 LEVEL: Error
PID : 29660 TID : 1
FUNCTION: DB2 Tools, DB2 administration server, rrm_main, probe:120
DATA #1 : Sint32, 4 bytes


The issue could be due to the incorrect permissions loading the libraries.

Resolving the problem

Update the DAS using 'dasupdt' utility.

As user root run command:


This utility is located in the DB2IPATH\bin directory, where DB2IPATH is the location where the current version of the DB2 database product is installed.

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More support for: DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows
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Software version: 9.1, 9.5

Operating system(s): Linux, Windows

Reference #: 1382464

Modified date: 18 November 2015

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