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IBM XL C/C++ for Linux, V10.1 and IBM XL Fortran for Linux, V12.1 were released before SLES 11, however, as of the March 2009 Updates, they can be used on SLES 11.
To install these products on SLES 11 follow the instructions below.


Only the March 2009 (and later) Updates can be installed on SLES 11: any previous level (including the GA) cannot be installed.

In order to install the compiler (XL C/C++ or XL Fortran) on SLES 11, follow the instructions below instead of those found in the Installation Guide.

  1. Download the desired update that includes support for SLES 11 (March 2009, or the latest level; see the "Related information" section below).
  2. Locate the license rpm on your installation media (vac.lic-10.1.0-0.ppc64.rpm for XL C/C++; xlf.lic-12.1.0-0.ppc64.rpm for XL Fortran).
    • if you have the GA product on CD, and it is mounted at /cdrom; the license file is in /cdrom/images/rpms
    • if you have the GA product as an E-Image, and it is uncompressed and unpacked in /home/root; the license file is in /home/root/images/rpms
  3. Install the license rpm, and accept the license agreement
    • XL C/C++: rpm -ivh vac.lic-10.1.0-0.ppc64.rpm
    • XL Fortran: rpm -ivh xlf.lic-12.1.0-0.ppc64.rpm
  4. Follow the instructions for installing the update you downloaded in step 1 from the installation guide:

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