IBM ECM FileNet Content Services (CS) search fails with error

Technote (troubleshooting)


When you try to run a content search on a CS library it fails with the error;

"The content search repository cannot be accessed or does not exist"

Diagnosing the problem

Rebuilding the index using csadmin -r does not resolve the issue, indexing is working and there are no errors in the index or csi logs.

However, running csk2cfg shows that the library is not attached to the server;

..\FileNet\dfgclib\content\bin>csk2cfg <CS Server> <libraryname>
Broker CS_<CS Server>_<libraryname>_K2Broker is registered
Server CS_<CS Server>_<libraryname>_K2Server is registered
Server CS_<CS Server>_<libraryname>_K2Server attached to broker CS_<CS Server>_<libraryname>_K2Broker
collection <libraryname>_index001 is registered
collection <libraryname>_index001 is NOT attached to server CS_<CS Server>_<libraryname>_K2Server

Resolving the problem

Run 'csk2cfg dbserver libname -D', followed by -A
Reboot the CS server.

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