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How can you change the page that displays by default for authenticated and/or unauthenticated users to IBM WebSphere Portal?


WebSphere Portal serves the page with the lowest ordinal number under a given context for which the user (authenticated or unauthenticated) has access. Therefore, you can control which page is served by changing order and access control through the Manage Pages portlet.
For the base Portal, by default, the content root is "wps/portal" for unauthenticated users and "wps/myportal" for authenticated users. When an unauthenticated user accesses
http:/ /, the Login page displays by default. When the user logs in, he/she is redirected to http:/ / and sees the Home page by default.

To change the page the unauthenticated user sees when accessing "/wps/portal/", in the Manage Pages portlet, click Content Root. If you check the page permissions (key icon), notice that Anonymous Portal User is a member of the User role for the Login page. Select another page such as NewPage and click the up arrow until the page is listed above Login (this lowers NewPage's ordinal number so that it precedes Login in the list). Then add Anonymous Portal User to the User role for NewPage. The unauthenticated user now will see NewPage when he accesses "/wps/portal/".

To change the page the authenticated user sees when accessing "/wps/myportal/", in the Manage Pages portlet, click Content Root. Select another page such as NewPage2 and click the up arrow until the page is listed above Home. Assign access rights to NewPage2 appropriately (generally, ensure All Authenticated Portal Users is in the Privileged User role). The authenticated user now sees NewPage2 when he/she accesses "/wps/myportal/".

The Manage Pages portlet's list of pages under the Content Root would look as follows:

If you export a release with XMLAccess, you can see how the ordinal numbers relate:

    <content-node ... active="true" domain="rel" objectid="6_000000000000000000000000A0" ordinal="100" type="label" uniquename="wps.content.root">
  <content-node ... active="true" ...
    <content-parentref="6_000000000000000000000000A0" ... ordinal="100" type="page">
    <localedata locale="en">
    <content-node ... active="true" content-parentref="6_000000000000000000000000A0" ... ordinal="200" ... uniquename="ibm.portal.Home">

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