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How to playback RFT scripts recorded on a Windows machine through RQM on a Linux machine

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How do you run IBM Rational Functional Tester scripts that were recorded on a Microsoft Windows machine on a Linux Machine using IBM Rational Quality Manager (RQM)?


In order to run Rational Functional Tester scripts through Rational Quality Manager on a Linux machine, you must first install RFT on the Linux machine where RQM is installed.

  1. Export the project from RFT on the Windows machine and import it into the RFT on the Linux machine.
  2. Before you try to play it back in RQM, play it back in RFT alone on the Linux machine and see if the script passes successfully.
  3. Once that is done, start the RFT adaptor on the Linux machine and launch RQM.
  4. Import the script by pointing RQM to the RFT adaptor on the Linux machine and supply the path to where the RFT script is located which should import the script.

From there you should now be able to playback your script in a test case successfully.

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Software Development Rational Functional Tester Integrations: IBM Linux, Windows 8.0

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