Field Bulletin: Content Federation Services for NTFS is not supported in FileNet Content Federation Services 4.x and FileNet Content Manager 4.x (January 09)



IBM FileNet P8 Content Federation Services 3.5.1 provides federation services for files stored on external NTFS file systems (CFS-NTFS). CFS-NTFS is installed with IBM FileNet Capture and IBM Websphere Information Integrator Content Edition (IICE). The technology allows documents stored on an NTFS device to be accessed from FileNet P8 object stores.

The CFS-IICE NTFS Fixed Content Provider is no longer included in FileNet Content Manager 4.x. As a result, CFS-NTFS is not supported as a FileNet Content Manager Fixed File Store in FileNet CM 4.x releases.


Support for CFS for NTFS has been withdrawn due to the low adoption of this technology.

Impact: Customers who are using CFS-NTFS as a Fixed File Store with IBM FileNet Content Manager Versions 3.5.1 or 3.5.2 along with Content Federation Services 3.5.1 will be required to migrate content to an alternative storage mechanism prior to upgrading to IBM FileNet Content Federation Services 4.x and IBM FileNet Content Manager 4.x.

Resolution: Currently there is no formally supported method that will enable users to use CFS-NTFS with FileNet Content Federation Services 4.x and FileNet Content Manager 4.x. Customers using Federated NTFS Fixed File Stores on Version 3.5.1 or 3.5.2 will be supported as long as these versions remain under support. Customers with content stored on Federated NTFS Fixed File Stores under P8 Content Manager 3.5.x can move to 4.x, but should contact their IBM FileNet Content Manager sales or technical representative concerning their upgrade scenario.

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