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Preventing parent work items being closed when there are child work items still marked as Unresolved

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Is there any way to configure process so that a "parent" work item cannot be closed until all "child" work items are resolved in IBM Rational Team Concert (RTC)?


In Rational Team Concert you can add work items as "children" to a work item using the "Add Children" function from the "Links" section. The "parent" can be closed at any time even if there are "child" work items still marked as "Unresolved".


The Rational Team Concert 1.0, this feature was filed as an Enhancement Request under Enhancement 63167, and was added into RTC 2.0.

To implement this feature in RTC 2.x or 3.x, follow the instructions below:

  1. In the eclipse client, Open your Project Area

  2. Navigate to the Project Configuration Tab

  3. Navigate to Team Configuration -> Operational Behaviour

  4. Under Operations, scroll down to select 'Save Work item' under the 'Everyone' role

  5. Navigate to the bottom half of this page and select the Preconditions checkbox

  6. Under Preconditions, select Add

  7. Choose All Children Resolved and click OK

  8. Save your project area. Child work items will now need to be resolved before the Parent work item can be resolved as well.

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