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Support for larger input than one TS Queue

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We have a program that must support larger input than one TSQ for WebSphere Data Interchange in CICS.

We are using the following PERFORM statement:

Today, one TS queue TSQ1 contains C and D records. In the future, we will have a TSQ1 that contains C and D records and a TSQ2 - TSQn that will contain more D records (e.g., in-house format with total 80,000 lines).

Can we repeat the above statement for each TS-queue? Is there a limit for receiving TS queues from WebSphere Data Interchange?

We have received ideas to use the ONELOGICAPP parameter, but when we tested that parameter, we received errors from DataInterchange that the second and third files did not contain C records. The C record was in the first file, as we expected the 3 files to be considered one logical file.


Unfortunately, ONELOGICAPP will not solve the problem you've described, and WebSphere Data Interchange does not currently support more than one application TSQ. There are several workarounds. First, are you taking full advantage of the one TSQ size limit? This is approximately 32K by 32K bytes. Taking advantage of the full width of each record may be an option for you. Otherwise, Data Interchange does support ESDS VSAM and TDQ (either intra or extra-partitioned) application files.
If you are using temporary TSQs solely for the purposes of passing data into WebSphere Data Interchange, perhaps intra-partitioned TDQs might suffice as well. These queues could be defined as recoverable in order to fit within the unit of work you are processing.

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