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Partial replication - when parent entry does not exist on consumer.

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How does supplier handles replicated add if parent entry does not exist on a partial consumer?


In filtered replication, it is possible that an entry addition fails with ‘No such object’ error, because its parent entry does not exist on the consumer (as the parent did not match the filter).
It will be up to the supplier to detect this error case and then instead of processing it as an error, to generate and submit an add request for the missing entry before retrying the original add, if ibm-replicationCreateMissingEntries attribute is set to TRUE in the respective replication agreement entry.

This missing entry will have the same DN as the immediate parent of the entry whose add failed and will belong to objectclass extensibleObject.

The missing entry will contain operational attributes for create and modify timestamps as present on master server, i.e. the timestamps will not be modified while this entry is created on consumer. This is required to avoid any replication conflict arising due to missing entry creation on consumer.

The missing entry will have ACL’s as on supplier server. It will also have the description attribute value set to “Missing entry created by <master server>”.

An attempt to add the missing parent entry might fail due to the reason that the missing entry's parent is also missing (as it did not match the filter). Thus, in such a case, the method to generate and submit a request to add a missing entry will be recursive and the end condition would be either a successful add of all missing ancestors in the chain or there is a failure while adding any of the missing ancestors (for any reason other than NO_SUCH_OBJECT).

Appropriate replication failure error messages will be logged into error logs. The default value of this attribute is FALSE.

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