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Changing the GDDM default APPCPG for a single instance of GDDM

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You are using QMF which uses the Graphical Data Display Manager (GDDM) and you need to change the application codepage (APPCPG) to 037 for the DB/2 database. You want to do this for a single instance of GDDM. What is the easiest way to do this?


Do the following to change the application codepage to 037:

  1. Create a FB 80 sequential file by the name of userid.ADMDEFS where userid is either your TSO userid or a HLQ that every one has access to. The name can be any name but using "ADMDEFS" in the name signifies the usage.

  2. Edit this file and place the following line starting in column 2 or beyond (starting in column 1 would make it a comment)


  3. Save the file and add the following DD card to your QMF start up JCL:


    Use the following TSO command if you would like to use the Allocate command to create the file:


For a complete list of APPCPGs supported by GDDM, see Appendix A.2 External defaults: full descriptions in the GDDM System Customization and Administration manual.

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