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Impact Analysis debugging in WebSphere Studio Asset Analyzer

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How do you debug Impact Analysis errors in WebSphere Studio Asset Analyzer?


To help debug Impact Analysis errors, turn on logging for the Impact Analysis framework. Modify the LoggerMgr.xml file in your <InstallDir>\config directory, changing the xml file as below:

<Logger name='ImpactAnalysis'>                                    

   <Listener name='File' file='ImpactAnalysis.out' streams='out,err' msgFormat='Standard' msgLevel='2' traceLevel='2' />    

   <Listener name='File' file='ImpactAnalysis.err' streams='err' msgFormat='StandardError' msgLevel='3' traceLevel='3' />    


<Logger name='ImpactAnalysisFrame'>                              

   <Listener name='File' file='ImpactAnalysisFrame.out' streams='out,err' msgFormat='Standard' msgLevel='2' traceLevel='2' />    

   <Listener name='File' file='ImpactAnalysisFrame.err' streams='err' msgFormat='StandardError' msgLevel='3' traceLevel='3' />    


Then restart your WebSphere Studio Asset Analyzer application from the WebSphere Application Server administration console, and try your failing Impact Analysis again.

Review the following output files and include them if you open a PMR:

  • <WsaaLogs>\impactAnalysis*.out
  • <WsaaLogs>\impactAnalysis*.err
  • <WsaaLogs>\wsaa*.err
  • <WsaaLogs>\wsaa*.out

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