How to prevent the portal admin ID from appearing in set access list for documents

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How can you prevent the administrator user and group from appearing in the set access list for documents in Lotus Quickr services for WebSphere Portal?

If you go to the Library component, then restrict access to a document or folder, you see the Portal administrator name and Portal administrator group name listed as Managers who can see the document.


To exclude the administrator user and group, use the following steps:

1. Create a new text file named "" inside the "PortalServer\shared\app\contentlib" directory.

2. Inside the text file, add the user and group IDs to be excluded from the folder access, as follows:

  • The name of the property to set is "excluded-ids"
  • You can specify multiple entries by separating them with a semi-colon (";")
  • Each entry must be fully qualified. Example: "uid=quikradm,o=default organization"
  • Each entry should be all lower case, even if the ldap directory has upper case characters.
  • You can add comments by starting the line with a "#" character.

Example "" file:

# These are the user and group IDs excluded from the folder access view.
# This line specifies two entries, the "quikradm" user and the "wpsadmin" group.

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