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SDK - CM_Tester application does not work in browsers other than Internet Explorer

Technote (troubleshooting)


When trying to use CM_Tester application in Firefox and entering the Authentication information, an error is received back :

"Unable to send request, please insure you are running under the same server and port as the Content Manager URL(http://localhost:9300/p2pd/servlet)"

Or this error occurs :

"Error sending the request to http://servername:9300/p2pd/servlet" - Error #0 undefined HTTP Status: 0 , ReadyState : 4"


This error will be thrown, right after attempting to logon to the IBM Cognos Service within CM_Tester application.

This happens even if IBM Cognos BI is running on the same system and using "localhost" as the server name.


Due to the browser security model, the redirection to what is viewed as a different domain, is being prevented by the browser.


Windows, Unix, Linux

Resolving the problem

NOTE : CM_Tester is an IBM Cognos utility delivered "as is" without any IBM Support in the installation , to view and test operation of the CM Server under guidance of IBM Development or Support. Use by customers of this utility is presenting a large use Risk , which is not covered under any IBM Support Contracts. Ensure you have a full backup of Content Store database before proceeding to use this CM_Tester utility.

CM_Tester uses AJAX to communicate between the htm page and Content Manager.
Firefox's security model, by default, does not allow for AJAX communication between what it perceives as different domains.

For example if you're running cm_tester from c:/cognos/webcontent/cm_tester.htm and sending requests to :
http://localhost:9300/p2pd/servlet , Firefox will block this communication.

Alternate Solution for use, and to allow this browser security feature to work as normal, Copy cm_tester.htm from the <install>/webcontent directory to the <install>/webapps/p2pd directory.

Then Access cm_tester.htm using the URL :

This way when cm_tester sends its AJAX requests, it is sending them to the same domain, and the security model isn't violated.

Please note that cm_tester.htm has been moved starting with IBM Cognos 10.2.x versions and higher to the webapps/p2pd/ folder, to avoid the above problem and ensure availability of the Tool in the Unix / Linux installations.

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