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Installing ClearCase on a platform that does not use the GUI

Technote (FAQ)


You must use the silent installation process to install IBM Rational ClearCase on platforms that do not use the graphical user interface (GUI).


These platforms are:

* HP Itanium
* HP PA-Risc
* zLinux
* Linux ppc
* Solaris x86

Note: For platforms that do use the GUI, follow the installation instructions provided in the IBM Rational ClearCase Information Center:

To silently install Rational ClearCase:

1. If the ESD image is not available through a UNC or NFS path:

    a. Copy the ESD Image onto the local machine.
    b. Unzip the ESD image. The path to the ESD image is denoted as esd_image_root
    Note: A DVD image is an ESD image that is unzipped.

2. If the ESD image is available through a UNC or NFS path, copy the file esd_image_root/product_response_platform.xml onto a writeable disk.

3. Open and read the license agreement files located in esd_image_root/license_agreements. xx indicates the language of the file. The files are:
    * LA_xx
    * LI_xx
    * non_ibm_license
    * notices

4. Open the response file, product_response_platform.xml.

5. If you agree to the license agreement, change the value for the acceptLicense key to true.
    <agent-input acceptLicense='true'>

6. Change the value for the repository location key to ' esd_image_root/diskTag.inf'.
    <repository location='esd_image_root/diskTag.inf'/>

7. Follow the comments within the response file to configure your product's installation.

8. Open the file esd_image_root/InstallerImage_$platform/install.xml. Find the version key and copy the value. You use this value in the next step. For example:
    <offering id='' version=''/>

9. Open the response file. In the <install> command, update the version attribute for the offering key with the value copied from the install.xml file. If the version attribute is not listed for the offering key in the response file, you must add it.
    <offering version='' version=''
    id='' features=',....'/>

10. If IBM Installation Manager is not installed, you must install it. If an older version of Installation Manager is installed, it must be upgraded. To install Installation Manager that is bundled along with the product or to upgrade the current installed version of Installation Manager, follow the instructions below.
    a. Add the repository location for Installation Manager into the downloaded response file:

    <repository location='esd_image_root/InstallerImage_$platform'/>
    b. Open esd_image_root/InstallerImage_$platform/install.xml

    c. Copy the install instruction below into your response file:
    <offering features='agent_core,agent_jre' id='' version=''/>

    d. An example of part of a response file after adding the repository location for Installation Manager:
    <repository location='esd_image_root/diskTag.inf'/>
    <repository location='esd_image_root/InstallerImage_$platform'/>
    e. An example of part of a response file after adding the offering keys for Installation Manager:

    <offering features='agent_core,agent_jre' id='' version=''/>
    <offering profile='IBM Rational SDLC' version=''
    id='' features=',....'/>

11. Run the command:
    esd_image_root/InstallerImage*/install --launcher.ini esd_image_root/InstallerImage*/silent-install.ini -silent -input product_response_platform.xml -log logfile
    To display progress text to the console add -showVerboseProgress to the command.

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More support for: Rational ClearCase

Software version: 7.1

Operating system(s): HP-UX, Linux, Solaris

Reference #: 1373364

Modified date: 02 March 2009