HTTP 500 Error When Attempting to Download Test Case Archive

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Clicking the "Download Testcase Archive" link within Cognos Upgrade Manager results in an error.


HTTP Status 500 -
The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request.
exception Invalid path for file download.


The test case archive function has not been enabled in Cognos Upgrade Manager.


Cognos 8.3 Upgrade Manager

Resolving the problem

Enable the Test Case archive function in Cognos Upgrade Manager.

Steps:You must modify two files before Upgrade Manager's test case archive function can work. You must also modify these files in the target environment.

1. On the computer where Cognos 8 is installed, navigate to the install_location\configuration directory.
3. Using a text editor, open rsvpproperties.xml.sample..
3. Locate the RecordingsEnabled property.
This property exists as a comment in the file.
4. For the line <!--<property>RecordingsEnabled</property>, delete !--.
5. For the line <value type="long">0</value>-->, change the value 0 to 2 and delete --.
6. Save the file as rsvpproperties.xml.
7. Navigate to the install_location\webapps\p2pd\WEB-INF\services directory.
8. Open reportservice.xml.
9. Locate the process_shutdown_timeout_ms parameter.
10. Change the value of this parameter to 1000.
11. Save the file.
12. Restart the Cognos 8 service.

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Cognos 8 Upgrade Manager User Guide - Page 15 - Enable the Test Case Archive Function

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