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How to change the logo and heading in Cognos Connection

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How do you change the logo and heading in Cognos Connection?

Resolving the problem

Steps:1. Make a copy of the original system.xml file in the ...\templates\ps\portal folder.

2. Edit the <!-- Custom OEM headers --> section in the system.xml file.

The following code snippet sets the logo to cognos_sm.gif and the heading to 'my place'. The gif file must be in the ../skins/corporate/branding folder

<!-- Custom OEM headers -->
<param name="OEM">

Specify custom Cognos Connection / Cognos Viewer left side header here in the form of XHTML snippets. Custom headers can be style-specific.

<customHeader showContext="true" contextDelimiter=" - ">
<style styleFolderName="corporate">
<table style="background-color:#ffffff">
<td><img src= <td class="headerTitle" style="padding-right:2px;white-space:nowrap"> my place </td>



To have a transparent background, remove style="background-color:#ffffff" from the table style underneath the foldername line. You will also need to have a transparent-background logo for this to work (.gif, etc.). This also works in 10.2.1 & 10.2.

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