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Configuring CRN to work with Domino 6

Technote (troubleshooting)


How do you configure IBM Cognos ReportNet to authenticate with Domino 6 LDAP?

Resolving the problem

Steps:1. Open Cognos Configuration

2. Under the Security section, right click Authentication and select New Resource/Namespace.

3. In the New resource window, type in a name for the connection and make LDAP the Type.

4. In the Namespace resource properties window add/change the following fields
* Namespace ID - type in a unique id name that has not been used in this install
* Host and Port - put in the name and the port number of the server that the Domino LDAP is on
* Base Distinguished Name - what I used for this is the domain that the Domino configured with. To check the domain, Launch Domino Administrator and click on the Domain button. There should be a Servername/domain name there. Use just the Domain name.

In the example from the attached document, you would put o=cognos1

Make sure the following are set to the following:

User lookup = (uid=${userID})
Size Limit = 0 (recommended but optional)
Time out in Seconds = 0 (recommended but optional)
Folder Mappings
Object Class = dominoOrganization
Group Mappings
Object Class = dominoGroup
Member = member
name = mail (currently the only that allows to see the name of the group in CRN)
Account mappings
Account object class = dominoPerson
Name = uid

For screenshots of the configuration, please consult the attached document.

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Modified date: 12 February 2008