Updates to the ATF/CICS VCD Not Seen Across Regions

Technote (troubleshooting)


ATF/CICS is installed (and activated) on multiple CICS regions, with the Virtual Time Control Data Set (VCD, defined via the TTCVCD file) being shared across the regions. A TICT ADD or TICT UPD is performed on one of those regions, and works as expected there. However, none of the other regions see this update.


When the TICT transaction is used to browse the VCD definitions on the affected regions, it does not show the updates. And when transactions are started that should have an altered virtual time, they run with the old definition.


The contents of the VCD are loaded in each region when ATF/CICS is started. Updates to the data set after that point are not automatically reflected.

Resolving the problem

After updating the VCD in one region, issue a TICT RESTART command in the other regions to have that update reflected.

Note that VCD entries with KEEP=NO specified are not shared across regions under any circumstances.

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