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Interim fix for InfoSphere Warehouse Cubing Services, Version 9.5.2 (Version 9.5.1 refresh)

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This is an interim fix for the Cubing Services function of InfoSphere Warehouse Version 9.5.2, which is also called "Version 9.5.1 refresh". This interim fix addresses several important issues in the Cubing Services components of InfoSphere Warehouse.


This interim fix should be applied to InfoSphere Warehouse, Version 9.5.2 (9.5.1 refresh), installed either on Unix, Linux or Windows. It contains the following fixes:

  • 161019: Dimension properties in MDX are now supported in ODBO
  • 202824: Running a PROPERTIES statement on a user-defined property no longer causes a null pointer exception
  • 203097 and 204070: Seed queries in Cubing Services that are longer than 255 characters now run properly on startup
  • 203137: MDX queries that use the WITH SET syntax no longer generate messages in the log when they refer to cubes that do not exist
  • 203183: Filtering on a parent-child hierarchy property no longer causes error XAC-ERR-0007
  • 203191: Sorting using the ORDER function with MEMBER_KEY no longer breaks the hierarchized order for its results. When using ASC or DESC, it now returns hierarchized values
  • 203463: Calling COUNT with missing data now returns null instead of zero
  • 204605: The lightweight ODBO installer can now upgrade an existing installation
  • 205075: MDX statements with .members or .descendants no longer generate massive SQL
  • 205587: The PARENT_UNIQUE_NAME and PARENT_LEVEL properties of dimensions are optionally returned in the axis row set for applications that require it. Set the ADD_PARENT_PROPERTIES_TO_AXISROWSET property in IBMDB2WODBO.ini to enable this behavior
  • 208129: Unspecified schema rowset property values in XMLA provider are currently ignored
  • 208660: The ODBO lightweight installer no longer overwrites custom settings that are specified in IBMDB2WODBO.ini
  • 209388: Queries that refer to a hierarchy of a dimension now correctly cause an exception in Cubing Services
  • 211344: Queries that refer to a hierarchy of a dimension now correctly cause an exception in the ODBO provider
  • 212318: MDX statements that refer to the CELL PROPERTIES, BACK_COLOR, and FORE_COLOR properties no longer cause syntax errors

Downloading the fix: Download one of the following files to a temporary directory on the computer on which you want to install the interim fix.

For Windows:

For UNIX or Linux:


Installing the fix: For detailed instruction on how to apply the fixes, refer to the readme.txt included inside the file that you download.

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More support for: InfoSphere Warehouse
DWE - Cubing Services

Software version: 9.5.2

Operating system(s): AIX, Linux, Solaris, Windows

Reference #: 1368059

Modified date: 15 April 2013

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