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iNotes: 'Error connecting to /xsp/proxy/GoogleProxy/http/'

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When you attempt to add a public Google calendar to your Lotus iNotes calendar, the following error occurs:

"Error connecting to /xsp/proxy/GoogleProxy/http/<username> Please verify that you have entered the correct URL".

Steps to reproduce issue:
1. Select Add next to My Calendars in the calendar navigator of iNotes.
2. In the Add a Calendar dialog select "Public Calendar URL".
3. Add the URL for the public calendar and add a label.
4. Select Background and text colors, and select OK.

The error occurs.


This error occurs if the URL you entered for the Google calendar is incorrect. This error can also occur if the Google calendar is not public.

Resolving the problem

A security policy settings document must be in place.

The Administrator must make sure that a security policy settings is in place. On the Proxies tab of the settings document, click Edit list button and enter the following mail rules:

Rule 1:
Context: /xsp/proxy/GoogleProxy/
Actions: GET,POST
Mime-types: *
Headers: *

Rule 2:
Context: /xsp/proxy/GoogleProxy/
Actions: GET,POST
Mime-types: *
Headers: *

Note: If these rules are not entered correctly (for example, if there are unintended spaces in the actions), the rules may not work as needed, and the error may still occur. If so, double check that the rules are correctly entered, as above.

End user:

Incorrect URL
If you own the Google calendar you are attempting to overlay onto your iNotes calendar, obtain a new copy of the URL to be used in iNotes by following the instruction in the Google help topic, Calendar Addresses for Google calendar. The specific format of the URL you are seeking is the XML format (as opposed to the iCal or HTML format). Once you have obtained the XML format of the URL, go back to the iNotes calendar and add the Google calendar to it.

If you do not own the Google Calendar, request the Calendar URL (XML format) from the Calendar owner. The Calendar owner can use the steps in the Google help topic above to obtain the XML formatted URL.

Google calendar is not public
To view your or another person's Google calendar in iNotes:

1. The Google calendar must be Public and allow the appropriate access (either shared with everyone or list your name specifically), or
2. If the Google calendar is Private the owner must either make it Public or provide you their Google email address and password.

See the following Google help topic for more information: Share your calendar

For step by step instructions on adding a Google calendar in iNotes refer to Lotus iNotes : Working with Google calendar in Lotus iNotes Calendar Views.

Note: You cannot edit the URL of a calendar you have added to iNotes. You must remove it and re-create it. To remove the calendar containing the invalid URL, click the down-arrow next to the calendar and select Remove.

For at least one customer this issue occurred because he had as no proxy in the Server document in names.nsf under Ports > Proxies > No proxy for these domains.

Another issue that can occur if you use an invalid URL is documented in the technote, "In Lotus iNotes, if you add a Google overlay calendar using an invalid URL, there is no error message" (#1327711).

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