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Using log filters to reduce server logging

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In Lotus Domino, you have reduced the logging for individual server tasks such as the Replicator and Router to minimal levels but would like to further reduce logging. How can this be done?

Resolving the problem

Log filters can be created to reduce logging beyond what is available in notes.ini parameters like log_replication and log_mailrouting. These filters are useful for disabling logging of specific messages that cannot be otherwise disabled. As an example, the following message cannot be disabled from logging:

    "ATTEMPT TO ACCESS SERVER by User/Acme was denied".

There may be situations where this type of message is generated so frequently that it consumes a significant portion of the overall server logging. If you do not want this type of message to be logged, you can enable a log filter that will discard events of a particular type and severity.

Here is an example of setting up a log filter to remove the error shown above:

1. Create a new Log Filter document in events4.nsf (Filters > Log Filters > New Event Filter).

2. Enter the server name on the Basics tab.

3. On the Database tab, choose the following:

    1. Log unknown types/severities: Yes.
    2. Select types > check all types (this will enable a row of tabs at the bottom).
    3. In each tab except Misc, uncheck all severities (Fatal, Failure, Warning(High), Warning(Low), and Normal). This means those severities will be logged.
    4. On the Misc tab, check Warning(Low) and Normal. Uncheck the other severities.

4. On the Console tab, choose the same settings as in Step 3 above.

5. Save and close the Log Filter document and restart the Event task.

The new log filter will prevent logging of the "ATTEMPT TO ACCESS SERVER" errors. Note that it will also filter any other events of type Misc with severity Warning(Low) or Normal.

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Modified date: 22 February 2010