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How to install the Controller Excel link "ClientAdmin.msi" into a non-default directory/folder

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By default, when I.T. administrator installs the Controller Excel link file "ClientAdmin.msi", it installs to the following folder:
C:\Program Files\Cognos\ccr

Customer would like to install it to a different folder/path. How can they do this?

Resolving the problem

Run the install routine from a command prompt, and use the "COGNOSDIR=" and "DOTNETDIR=" parameters.


  • There are several different Controller client MSI files. Make sure you have chosen the type most relevant to your needs
    • For more information, see separate IBM Technote #1371088.
  • To automatically distribute the Add-in for Excel remotely to the Cognos 8 Controller client computers, run the ClientAdmin.msi file (on those Cognos 8 Controller client computers) via third-party deployment tools (such as Active Directory or Patchlink).
  1. Obtain a copy of "ClientAdmin.msi". TIP: By default, this is located on the application server here: <c8_location>\webcontent\ccr
  2. Logon to the client device as a Windows administrator
  3. Copy the ClientAdmin.msi file to a location on the client device (e.g. into C:\TEMP)
  4. Open a command prompt and change directory to where you copied the ClientAdmin.msi file (e.g. cd C:\TEMP)
  5. Run the following command:
    msiexec /i ClientAdmin.Msi COGNOSDIR= c:\foldername DOTNETDIR= c:\foldername

NOTE: instead of 'c:\foldername' enter the path you wish to install to.

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