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MustGather: Data Collection for an application hang and system hangs on Windows

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How do I collect the necessary output for support to analyze application and system hangs that occur on Microsoft Windows related to IBM Rational processes?


STEP 1: Identify the problem

  1. WHICH process is hanging? (Example: clearexplorer.exe, db_server.exe ....)
  2. WHAT operation was being performed when the hang occurred? (Example: shutting down GUI, performing X operation ....)
  3. HOW often do the errors occur? (Example: every night at X time, every day around X time ....)
  4. HOW many machines does this happen on? (Example: ALL, one or X number)

STEP 2: Collect relevant logs

Collect the logs from a good machine and a bad machine and compare the two for differences.

For example review technote 1131335 for more information on collecting ClearCase logs from Windows.

STEP 3: Collecting the User or Memory Dump for the hang

The following tools can be used to help collect data about application or system hangs. The instructions for each of the tools are provided below:

3a) Collecting application hangs (Send the dump file to IBM Rational Client Support for analysis)

  • Collecting user dumps for Windows XP and Windows 2003:

    Refer to the Microsoft KB241215 .
  • Collecting user dumps for Microsoft Windows Vista and later:
Refer to Creating User Mode Dumps

  • Using GenMiniDump.exe (Note: is attached below):
    1. Place genminidump.exe and dbghelp.dll in a folder
    2. cd into that folder
    3. Run the following from cmd: genminidump.exe <PID> or genminidump.exe <Process name> Example: C:\Temp\GenMiniDump\genminidump msdev.exe


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3b) Collecting System Hangs
Note: this type of crash may also be requested for an application hang by engineering.


Refer to Forcing a System Crash from the Keyboard


  1. Click Start > Settings > Control Panel and double-click System
  2. On the Advanced tab, click Settings in the Startup and Recovery section.
  3. Ensure the Write Debugging Information drop down box has Kernel memory dump selected and note the Dump File: location window as this is where the dump file(s) will be saved.
    Only collect a complete memory dump when request by IBM Rational Client Support.
  4. Ensure Overwrite any existing file is checked.
  5. Ensure the Automatically restart box is checked.

Example Kernel memory dump screenshot (from XP):

Example Complete memory dump screenshot (from XP):

Send the dump file to IBM Rational Client Support for analysis.

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