"Table ...data\xxxx.dbf has become corrupted. It will need to be repaired before using again" when using "company/data entry/company journals" or consolidations

Technote (troubleshooting)


User tries either to:
(1) Manually enter company journals
or (2) Run a consolidation.

For both functions, user receives an error.


Table M:\frangoifrs\data\xbjr.dbf has become corrupted . It will need to be repaired before using again.


The index for table xbjr has become corrupt.

One potential cause for this corruption is if the system crashed while saving (or working with) a journal.

Resolving the problem

First check if your file system is corrupt. Afterwards, delete the relevant "bad" index file.

Steps to check for hard drive file system corruption:
The following should be done by the I.T. administrator on the file server that hosts the Consolidator database:

  1. As a precaution (before continuing) take a backup of the entire Consolidator database (i.e. the DATA and REPORTS folders which contain all the Consolidator information).
  2. Select the hard drive where the database files reside (e.g. C: drive)
  3. Right click and show "Properties".
  4. Select the "Tools" tab, then "Error Checking"
  5. Click the "Check Now" button
  • If errors are shown:
    • try repairing the file structure
    • If this does NOT fix the problem, then unfortunately you will need to revert to an earlier backup of the database.
  • If errors are NOT shown, then carry on with the next section (below).

Steps to delete the bad index file:
  1. Using windows explorer, browse to the data folder(where database is stored). TIP: This location should be clear because it is named in the error message
  2. Rename the relevant INDEX (cdx) file (in this case it is "xbjr.cdx") to something else (for example xbjr.cdx.old)
  3. Re-launch the Consolidator client
  4. This will automatically launch the optimise routine, and it will give a message stating that a compulsory table is missing.
  5. Run the optimise
  6. Afterwards, check the journal where the problem occurred
  • If it is available complete the rows as needed and save.
  • Or re-enter the journal if required.

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