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Configuration needed to transact with custom content-type in WebSphere Partner Gateway Express 6.0.0 FP3

Technote (troubleshooting)


Earlier versions of WPG Express allowed only the following default Content Types :
EDI-X12 – application/edi-x12
EDIFACT- application/edifact
EDI-Consent – application/edi-consent
XML – application/xml

Resolving the problem

With WPG Express 600 FP3, while transacting with a Partner one can specify a custom content-type for any of the four document types.
In the respective partner’s, which will be located at

<bcgexpress installed location>\config\partners\<partnerName>\

add the relevant property depending on the document type to be transacted

  • bcg.connector.partner.edix12.custom.contenttype
  • bcg.connector.partner.ediconsent.custom.contenttype
  • bcg.connector.partner.xml.custom.contenttype
  • bcg.connector.partner.edifact.custom.contenttype

that is, if a XML document needs to be sent out with a content-type of “application/SecondGenEDI”, then in the the following property-value pair should be added
For eg- bcg.connector.partner.xml.custom.contenttype=SecondGenEDI

Similar configuration is also needed for receiving inbound transactions with custom content types.

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Modified date: 04 May 2011