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Maximum number of files message with Internet Explorer 4.0

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Maximum number of files

This error occurs when you are viewing PDF files in Internet Explorer 4.0.

Resolving the problem

Adobe acknowledges this issue and has provided the following information:

When you're viewing PDF files, Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 freezes or returns an error. Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.01, which is open in the background, then returns the error, "Maximum number of files are already open. No other files can be opened or printed until some are closed."


You've viewed more than ten PDF files.


Do one of the following:

Solution 1
Upgrade to Acrobat Reader 4.0.

Solution 2
Edit the Acrobat Reader preferences file so you can open more than ten files at once:

NOTE: Please keep in mind that if you open a large number of PDF files simultaneously, you may run out of system resources.

1. Exit from Acrobat Reader.
2. Make a backup copy of the Acroread.ini, which is in the Windows folder.
3. Open the original Acroread.ini file in a text editing application that can save in text-only format (e.g., WordPad, Microsoft Word).
4. Locate the Maxopendoc line, then do one of the following:
- Delete the Maxopendoc line. Doing this enables Acrobat to open as many PDF files as memory allows.
- Increase the number of PDF files Acrobat Reader can open at once by changing the value specified for the Maxopendoc line to a number greater than ten. For example, change the line to read:


5. Save the Acroread.ini file in text-only format.

Solution 3
Use a different Acrobat viewer (i.e., Acrobat Reader 3.0 or Acrobat Exchange 3.0x).

Solution 4
Exit from Acrobat Reader 3.01. Internet Explorer will restart it the next time you click a link to a PDF file.

Solution 5
Use a different browser, such as Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer 3.0x.

Additional Information

By default, Acrobat Reader 3.0x can open up to ten PDF files at a time. If you're viewing a series of PDF files in Internet Explorer 4.0 with an older ActiveX control, the previously-viewed PDF files don't appear to be open, but Reader 3.01 incorrectly considers them open. After you've viewed the tenth PDF file, Reader 3.01 won't let you open any more and returns an error. Other Acrobat viewers will let you open a sequence of more than ten PDF files in Internet Explorer 4.0, even if an older ActiveX control is installed When you're viewing a series of PDF files in other browsers, Acrobat does not consider previously-viewed PDF files to be open.

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