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Enabling users to edit SQL

Technote (troubleshooting)


The Edit button is missing in the Report/Query/Profile tab/ SQL window, for some users.

Resolving the problem

1. If the administrator has not enabled direct entry SQL for this user profile, then this button will not be displayed. Confirm in the administrative version of Impromptu that this has been enabled.

In order to resolve this issue, perform the following Steps:1. Open the catalog
2. From the Catalog menu, select User Profiles.
3. On the Governor tab, select the User class that should have permission to edit the SQL.
4. On the right hand side, enable the 'Direct entry SQL' check box.

The User class will now be able to modify the SQL.

2. The edit button may also be disabled if the report is a crosstab report. This type of report does not allow the editing of the SQL.

3. Verify that there is an active connection to the database. Under the Catalog menu, the option 'Disconnect' should be available.

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Business Analytics Cognos Series 7 Impromptu Web Reports

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More support for: Cognos Series 7

Software version: Impromptu 3.04, Impromptu 4.01, Impromptu 5.0, Impromptu Web Reports 7.3

Operating system(s): Platform Independent, Windows

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Modified date: 12 September 2014

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