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A few machines showing up as unregistered even though the client has been distributed. How can I make it registered?


This is typically caused by either having more agents deployed than you have licenses for or by client agents that aren't communicating with the server. Verify that you haven't used all of your licenses by checking the total number used in Help>About in the control center.
If a machine has the client installed, but hasn't got a license it shows up as greyed out and has a status of UNLICENSED. Check for comms error between the client and server, or a config problem with the client. Clients showing up as "Unregistered" do not have the client installed and have been discovered by LANProbe.

As said above, the client will show up as "Unlicensed" if the client is installed but the Discovery server is out of licenses. Try deploying the client to the unregistered PCs via the Control Center->Tools->Deploy Client Agent-> ... ?

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