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How to export structures (for example account structures), for sending to IBM Support or for copying structures from one database to another

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Customer wishes to to export structures (e.g. company and/or account configuration information) from their system. For example, they may want to either:
(1) Send their structure configuration to IBM Support
or (2) Copy their structure configuration from database1 (e.g. their production system) to database2 (e.g. a test system)

How can they do this?

Resolving the problem

Use the 'Transfer' menu to export and import the relevant structures.

(1) Steps to export structures
1. Launch Controller, and logon to source database as an administrator (e.g. ADM)
2. Click "Transfer - Export Structures"

3. Choose directory (folder) where the export file will be created
4. If desired, tick the "Compress Export-File" button
5. Select each of the structures you wish to export

  • For example tick the 'Accounts/Forms' box (if you only wish to export some of the account structures)
  • or alternatively simply click "Select All" to export everything.

6. Click " Run" button.

After the process has completed, you will have a file (typically called "FstrucController.FZP") in the export folder location.

(2) Steps to import structures into a different/separate database
Optional: If you would like to import those structures (created above) into a different database, then you can perform the following steps:
  1. Ensure no users are using the target database
  2. As a precaution, create a backup of the database that you are intending to import the structures into (target database)
  3. Launch Controller, and logon to target database as an administrator (e.g. ADM)
  4. Click "Maintain - Users - Single Mode"
  5. Click "Transfer - Import Structures"
  6. Browse for the structure file that was previously created (see above). The system identifies the structures in the file and populates the window accordingly.
  7. Click on the 'Run' icon and the import will begin.
  8. IMPORTANT: After the import has completed, you must run a database optimisation. Click "Maintain - Database - Optimize". Tick/select all available options. click "Run".

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