Error when logging in 'The resource file is not valid. Overwrite it with a new empty one'

Technote (troubleshooting)


User launches Consolidator. User receives error message.

If user ignores the message (and carries on using Consolidator) user may receive different errors when trying to use other functionality (e.g. perform a database optimisation).


Initial error (when launching Consolidator)

Microsoft Visual FoxPro
The resource file is not valid. Overwrite it with a new empty one?
Yes / no

Other potential errors (if user continues to use Consolidator):
(1) Performing a database optimisation:

    <Rebuilding database container

    Program Error
    File access is denied.
    [Cancel] [Ignore] [Help]

(2) Running an Excel link report:
    Open Table
    Table 'xbolvkd.dbf' is not marked as belonging to the 'frango' database. Would you like to create the back link to mark it?
    [Yes] [No]

If click "yes" then get the following error:
    Program Error
    File must be opened exclusively.
    [Cancel] [Ignore] [Help]


NTFS file permissions do not allow earlier versions of Visual FoxPro resource files to be upgraded to later versions.

These 2 files are:

  • foxuser.dbf
  • foxuser.fpt
Depending on the environment, these files can either reside in the %system32% directory or the installation (e.g. C:\FrangoW) directory.


Typically occurs when Consolidator is upgraded to new version, especially on a locked-down environment (e.g. Citrix server) where the end user is not a member of the local Windows group "Administrators".

Resolving the problem


Simply click on either 'yes' or 'no' (it does not matter) and carry on.

  • NOTE: Depending on the environment, you *may* experience different errors later when using Consolidator.

Modify the NTFS permissions on the files foxuser.dbf and foxuser.fpt, to give read/write access to group 'everyone':

  1. Logon to the client PC (or Citrix server) as a Windows administrator
  2. Open the folder C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32
  3. Right-click on the file foxuser.dbf and choose 'properties'
  4. Click on tab 'security'
  5. Click 'Add'
  6. Enter the group 'Everyone' and click OK
  7. Highlight 'Everyone' and tick the box 'Full Control' under column 'Allow'
  8. Click OK
  9. Repeat steps 3-8, but this time for file foxuser.fpt
  10. Open the installation folder (e.g. C:\FRANGOW)
  11. Repeat steps 3-9
  12. Restart Consolidator
  13. When the message again appears, confirm the question with 'YES'

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