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'PRS-OBJ-0617 The object '/portal/report-viewer.xts" could not be created when running Standard Reports

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User launches Controller. User runs any 'standard report' (for example 'Maintain - Account Structure - Reports".

User receives error message.


IBM Cognos software
The object "/portal/report-viewer.xts" could not be created because a required capability is missing.


The end user does not have the correct/required permission (as defined inside 'Cognos Connection') to run/view this report.

  • Specifically, they need to have 'Execute' permissions for the "Cognos Viewer" capabilities.

By default, the Cognos Connection website's security configuration is configured so that the group "Everyone" is a member of several security groups (such as "System Administrators") which means that all users are able to run these reports.
  • However, one of the first jobs of the BI administrator is often to reduce/restrict the access rights so that only specific users are members of these groups
  • If the BI administrator removes 'Everyone' from all the relevant groups (but forgets to add in the 'Controller Users' group into the relevant group(s)) then this problem will occur.


Controller system configured to use Cognos CAM (non-native) authentication.

Diagnosing the problem

1. Launch Cognos Connection

2. If you receive the 'Welcome' screen, then click "Administer IBM Cognos Content"
3. Click 'Security' tab and then click ' Capabilities'
4. Locate ' Cognos Viewer' and click 'Actions' (the 'down arrow') then click ' Set Properties':

5. Open the tab "Permissions"
6. Check which groups have 'Execute' permission enabled:

By default, there will be several groups which include this, for example (see above).:
  • Analysis Users
  • Authors
  • Consumers
  • Express Authors
  • PowerPlay Administrators
  • PowerPlay Users
  • Query User
  • Readers
  • Report Administrators.

If your Controller end users are not a member of any of these groups, then the error will appear.

Resolving the problem

Ensure that all users (i.e. all members of the "Controller Users" group) have 'Execute' permissions for the Cognos Viewer capabilities.

  • However, to prevent other problems/errors it is also advised to give the group more (extra) permissions than just this. See separate IBM Technote #1371229 for more details.

For this reason, for most customers it is easiest/best to simply add the "Controller Users" group to the membership of the group 'Authors'.

TIP: There are several other methods that will give the required permissions (the one explained inside this Technote is only one of many). Check with your BI security administrator about which method is best for you.

1. Launch Cognos Connection
2. If you receive the 'Welcome' screen, then click "Administer IBM Cognos Content"
3. Click ' Security' tab
4. Ensure that the section " Users, Groups and Roles" is selected
5. Open the namespace ' Cognos':
6. Locate the row for the group ' Authors' and click on the icon 'properties' on the right-hand side:

7. Click ' Members' tab
8. Click " Add"

9. Open the namespace ' Cognos'
10. Tick the boxes to the left of ' Controller Administrators' and ' Controller Users' and click the green arrow to 'Add' these to the right-hand screen:

11. Click 'OK'
12. Click 'OK'
13. Ask the Controller users to exit Controller, and re-launch Controller and test.

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