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LDAP multi-valued session parameters not working as expected

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A Framework Manager model has filters defined using LDAP multi-valued session parameters. But when testing in Report Studio, only the first value seems to be selected.


To activate the support for multi-valued LDAP attributes it must be explicitly enabled in the file CQEConfig.xml. This file must be edited on all install of Application Tier Components and Framework Manager in distributed environments. If the feature is only enabled in Framework Manager only but not in the Application tier, Framework Manager will show the parameters but at runtime only the first value of the multi-valued will be retrieved.

Resolving the problem

Edit the file CQEConfig.xml in all Application tier components and Framework Manager installs to enable the support for multi-valued LDAP attributes.

Steps:Follow these steps in all application tiers components and Framework Manager installations:
  1. Navigate to <Cognos installation folder>/configuration.
  2. Find the file CQEconfig.xml.sample and make a backup copy.
  3. Rename the copy to CQEConfig.xml
  4. Edit the file CQEConfig.xml in a text editor and add a new <section> tag for a new section called General Options.
  5. Insert the following snippet:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
    <configuration company="Cognos" version="0.1" rendition="cer2">
    <component name="CQE">
    <section name="General Options">
    <entry name="MultiValuesAllowed" value="1" />
    <section name="DBConnectionPool">

  6. Save the file.
  7. Restart Cognos services so the changes will take effect.

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