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How to prevent users from viewing all schedules

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When a consumer user goes to Tools>Schedule Management and selects the 'schedule' tab and selects scope 'any', they can see all reports that have been scheduled on the system.

It is possible to remove the ability for Consumers to view other Consumer's schedules by following the below steps.

Resolving the problem

Deny the 'Traverse' permission on the report object or folder object for the Consumers role. This allows the Consumer user who owns the report to view and schedule the report but other Consumer users will not be able see the schedule or create a new schedule.
(Please note that denying traverse permission for consumers will have related security implications that need to be taken into account)

Steps:To remove traverse permissions for the Consumers group:

1. Navigate to the report in Cognos Connection and click 'set properties'.
2. Click 'permissions' and check 'Override the access permissions acquired from the parent entry?'
3. Check 'Consumers' and check 'deny' for Traverse in the permissions box and click 'Apply'.
4. Click 'OK'

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