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How to convert a numeric value to character string padded with zeros on the left hand side

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This document provides an example of how a numeric value can be converted to a character string and padded with zeros on the left hand side. There is no direct function to pad character strings on the left or right with a specific character.


This technique has been tested against SQL Server 2000 database. For DB2 9.7, Informix and Oracle the respective LPAD function could be used to achieve similar output. For DB2 9.5, the REPEAT function could be used to achieve similar output.

Resolving the problem

Edit the Query Subject and create a calculated column with the following definition:

replace(str (<numeric-value> ,<length>),' ',<padding-character>)

Example to pad with zeros on the left to a maximum of four characters:

replace(str ([gosales_goretailers].[Orders].[Quantity] ,4),' ','0')

As an example when using Informix: lpad( [gosales_goretailers].[Orders].[Quantity], 4, '0' )

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