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Unable to run report in Cognos Connection: QE-DEF-0314 An error occurred while calling the content store for

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When test the data source in Cognos Connection test successfully however running any report against this data source it gives an error. The same data source in Framework Manager also test successfully but the Query Subject fail when tested.


Error in Cognos connection when running report. QE-DEF-0459 CCLException QE-DEF-0314 An error occurred while calling the content store for the database: ('anyname') CCL-RCI-0002 The Soap server returned a Soap fault. CM-REQ-4158 The search path dataSourceSignon('anyname') in invalid. CM-REQ-4078 The function 'dataSourceSignon'; has an invalid argument. CM-REQ-4075 A function call is invalid because the closing parenthesis is missing. Error in Framework Manager when testing Query Subject. RQP-DEF-0177 An error occurred while performing operation 'sqlPrepareWithOptions' status='-16' UDA-SQL-0353 An error was detected while processing the SQL request.


The data source in Framework Manager had an invalid entry for catalog.

Resolving the problem

In Framework manager data source remove the invalid entry.Republish the package. Steps: 1. Open Framework manager and click on the erroring data source. 2. In the property window remove the value for catalog. 3. Retest the Query Subject in framework manager

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Modified date: 09 May 2017