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What Are the Recommended Approaches to an IBM Cognos Backup?

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For IBM Cognos systems in production with hundreds or thousands of very active users, and thousands of report executions daily, what is the right way to backup the content store and BI servers.

Resolving the problem

There are two ways to make a content store backup:

  • Create a content store deployment package. This is the IBM Cognos way to make a backup.
  • A database backup. To use this method, you should stop the IBM Cognos services before launching the backup command.
If doing an entire server backup you will need to shut down the BI services on each server that is being backed up. The backup software or underlying technology will need exclusive access to the file system or certain files may not be saved.

If you have a distributed environment with a standby content manager schedule your server backup to do your primary content manager and dispatchers first followed by the standby and secondary dispatchers.

For more information refer to the Administration and Security Guide for your particular version.

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