How Cognos return the complete message instead of the CAF error..

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Error message appear like :

Error Message: DPR-ERR-2082
An error has occurred. Please contact your administrator. The complete error has been logged by CAF with SecureErrorID: timestamp-#number


This error message is not indicative a Cognos Application Firewall (CAF) error, but

rather a default error message which is shown instead of the real error for security reasons

Resolving the problem

The Capabilities tool controls access to Cognos secured functions.

In order to see the full error instead of the CAF error you must give the user permission to the "Detailed Errors" Capability.

For Cognos 8.1 and 8.2 :
Navigate to the "Cognos Connection Portal", under "Tools","Capabilities","Detailed Errors", "Permission"

For Cognos 8.3 and higher :
Navigate to "Cognos Administration", "Security" tab, "Capabilities","Detailed Errors","Set Properties","Permissions"

Give the user, group or role Execute permission for "Detailed Errors" if you want them to see the full error instead of the CAF error.

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