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SDK - Can the SDK API be used to customize the IBM Cognos Portal ?

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Frequently clients would like to create their own interface , or customize the IBM Cognos Portal including Cognos Connection, the Studios and the Web delivered Panels.


The SDK API can not be used to modify Cognos Connection, Studio's or the Interface Elements of the Web delivered content.
Only general available technology within Java could be used to make changes to the IBM Cognos delivered interface files in the installation.
This is not a recommended path to follow, as it would require a deep developmental knowledge of the IBM Cognos Product components.

The IBM Cognos Administration and Security Guide describes which changes can be made in detail.
Described here are, what could be done and how to implement these in a supported way.
Consult the Administration guide for your version of IBM Cognos Software, because there are technological differences implemented on a continual basis between versions.

This customization however, is usually changed back and undone, by the installation of IBM Cognos Upgrades, FixPacks and Interim Fixes.
This makes it necessary that the customer keeps a record of these manual changes, and requires implementing them again in the new installation.
Customization beyond what is covered in the IBM Cognos manuals, unfortunately can not be supported.

There is the IBM Cognos Theme designer tool in the C 10.2.1 release, which allows clients to change and customize their Cognos Portal Theme.
There are also included with the product 4 samples that show to implement your own custom logon / logoff panels, located in the ../webcontent/ps/login path.

With all the supported customization and delivered sample and tools, most clients will be able to make their desired customization.
For complete different Custom Portal Design, it is recommended to use a supported Application Server together with IBM Cognos Software.
For instance IBM's own Websphere, Oracle/BEA Weblogic, SAP Netweaver and JBOSS Application Server.

Customers can log desired Enhancements for IBM Cognos Interfaces, directly on the Cognos Support Site in the Service Request area.
Optionally you can provide your email address, in case Cognos Development has questions for you concerning your request.

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