Can you customize Cognos Connection with the SDK?

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The SDK cannot be used to modify Cognos Connection. You can make changes to certain XML files described in the Administration and Security Guide and hide certain elements with URL's or use security to hide elements but this is not the SDK. The SDK cannot be used to modify the look and feel of the default Cognos Connection.

The SDK can however be used to create customized web pages, utilites, custom applications or whatever is needed. These SDK programs can be incorporated in Cognos Connection or specific studios via URL's, new action objects, or adding a HTML item to a report. Programming skills are needed for these tasks.

Also see -

Software Development Kit Developer's Guide

Multiple samples in knowledge base, the following are just a couple that add SDK content to reports.

1003399 - Print, sort and execute report in other output format from Report Viewer using ReportNet SDK

1003085 - Providing the login information from IBM Cognos ReportNet to other software

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