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How to resolve QE-DEF-0383 Invalid format for prompt

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QE-DEF-0383 Invalid format for prompt '@startdate'. Expected format for datetime: CCYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.

Resolving the problem

1. ReportNet can only accept dates in native ISO format ccyy-mm-dd format. Please ensure that the stored procedure in question is not using a different format, like ccyy-dd-mm.

2. Is the Stored Procedure called successfully with the same database logon outside of ReportNet?

3. SQL Server may append the milliseconds to the date automatically, but ReportNet may not. The date could be expected in the format CCYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.000 (adding the milliseconds part).

4. Are any parameters used with ntext, nvarchar or any others where parameter is binding with national character datatype? Try dropping parameters one by one and try to locate the one that causes trouble (if any).

5. Try to set the date parameter in the stored procedure to accept Varchar input, and then do the date conversion inside the stored procedure back to SQL datetime.

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