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How do you run Cognos Business Intelligence without a webserver

Technote (troubleshooting)


This document describes how do you run Cognos ReportNet, IBM Cognos BI without a web server.

Resolving the problem

To run Cognos BI without a webserver you need to copy the contents of the webcontent folder into the webapps\p2pd folder.


1. In Windows Explorer, navigate to the cognos\webcontent directory and copy all the files.

2. Go to the cognos\webapps\p2pd folder and paste the files that you copied in Step 1.

3. Open a browser and go to the following URL to open Cognos Connection -


If you look at Cognos Configuration, Environment you will see that dispatcher URI is what you entered in the browser to get to Cognos connection.

In UNIX systems, you may have to restart your Cognos instance for the webcontent to display properly.

NOTE: These instructions assume a single operating system install (whether single or multi-server). If multiple operating systems are involved then the files copied to the dispatcher location must come from the webcontent section of a same operating system install gateway. Also, in the case of a multi-server install, if the gateway is installed on a different server than the dispatcher, then the file copy will need to be done across servers (please consult your operating system documentation on how to do this.).

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